Illustrations (Mammals)

Panda drawing of Panda
Bison drawing of Bison
Black Bear drawing of Black Bear
Bobcat drawing of Bobcat
Elephant Baby drawing of Elephant Baby
Gray Wolf 3 drawing of Gray Wolf / Grey Wolf
Grizzly Male drawing of Grizzly Male
Lion with Cub drawing of Lion with Cub
Panda Baby drawing of Panda Baby
Polar Bear with Cubs drawing of Polar Bear with Cubs
Sloths drawing of Sloths
Leopard drawing of Leopard
Ocelot drawing of Ocelot
Siberian Tiger drawing of Siberian Tiger
Bighorn Sheep drawing of Bighorn Sheep
A Friendly Face drawing of Monkey
Arctic Wolf drawing of Arctic Wolf
Sea Otter drawing of Sea Otter
Raccoon drawing of Raccoon
Manatees drawing of Manatees
Moose drawing of Moose
Grizzly Bears drawing of Grizzly Bears
Zebra drawing of Zebra
Cougar drawing of Cougar
Gray Wolf drawing of Gray Wolf / Grey Wolf
Harbor Seal drawing of Harbor Seal
Koalas drawing of Koala Bears
Red Fox drawing of Red Fox
River Otters drawing of River Otters
Polar Bear drawing of Polar Bears
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Now available as greeting cards! See below.

Dreaming Otter Wildlife Illustrations are pen and pencil drawings (images approximately 8" x 11") beautifully reproduced onto 11"x14" 100%-recycled 80 lb. stock paper. The number of prints of each is limited to 60. Prints will be signed, numbered and dated by the artist. If your purchased print is to be a gift, I will happily inscribe it (in the bottom margin) to the recipient, upon request. E.g. "Happy Birthday, Barb". Note that some are printed in black, most in sepia, and an occasional image is in another color. I am open to suggestions, if you happen to have a favorite animal or pet that is not shown here. I will certainly give it my best effort, and if I feel it is worthy of keeping company here, I will post if for your perusal. As a rule, I do not sell the originals.

When ordering, be sure to select the title of the illustration, such as "Sea Otter". I will normally ship your order within 4 business days, barring some unforeseen disaster. If it will be longer than that I will notify you by email.

Each print is $25, shipping included in the US. Customers outside the US, please contact me first.

All wildlife illustrations are also available in greeting card form. The 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" cards are printed on the same recycled paper as the prints, are blank inside, and come with a matching envelope. These are sold in packs of 8 only, for $25.00. You can pick any of the illustrations to make up your pack of 8: all the same illustration, all different, or any combination in between. To order: order a card pack. When checking out via PayPal, before you click "Pay Now" look for the link that says "Add special instructions to the seller" and use it to describe which illustrations you would like in your pack. (If you forget this step you can simply contact me afterwards.) Shipping within the US is free. Customers outside the US, please contact me first.