Dreaming Otter Arts

Dreaming Otter Arts
River Otters
Red Headed Woodpecker
Canada Goose
Great Gray Owl
Arctic Wolf

Welcome! Dreaming Otter Arts is based in Bellingham, Washington, in a wonderful old Victorian home built 100 years ago by the town’s lumber mill owner. What better place for an otter to dream? The Pacific Northwest, Washington, Bellingham, and this house conspire to create. Can’t help it. It’s out of my hands… literally.

The wildlife illustrations are primarily of denizens of the Pacific Northwest, but there are some from various travels I have made over my lifetime. These 11"x 14" prints are perfect gifts. Who doesn't love animals? If your favorite animal is not yet posted, please contact me and I will be happy to draw it for you. How about a portrait of your pet? All wildlife illustrations are also available in greeting card form.

Welcome to Dreaming Otter Arts, I’ve been waiting for you to stop in.